Lego Story for STEM Challenge

This is the story we used at our STEM activity last week.  It was a hit.  Try it with your kids, STEM group, or homeschoolers.

You and your best friend are so excited. You are setting out on the trip of a lifetime.   As you sit on the ship and look around at the activity and bustle you become more and more excited the adventure you are setting out on.  Little do you know the magnitude of the adventure that awaits you.

As you think about the fun you will have you look around the ship.  You are impressed.  It is so . . .

Pause and build the ship that you are setting sail on. 

Describe your ship to the others. 

The ship sets sail and heads for sea.  You and your friend watch for the signs of land as you excitedly talk about what you will be seeing on your voyage and at the exotic stops that are scheduled.   The first day is a little slow, mostly you eat as you wait to arrive at your port of call on the following morning.  That is fine with you, you like food.  All of your favorite foods are at the buffet and you and your friend have had five meals so far.

Pause and build the things you are eating from the buffet. 

Show your build and explain to the others what you have been eating.

Early the next morning you and your friend are at the pool swimming, after eating breakfast at the large buffet next to the pool, when you hear loud bangs that sound like cannon fire and the confusion and commotion of TROUBLE.  You think to hide in case there is danger.  Presently you see a band of pirates herding hostages unto the deck near the pool.  You wisely stay hidden.  When they are not looking you slip away to find something to scare the pirates away.

Pirates have boarded the ship and holding the other passengers hostage.  Build something to scare them off. 

Share what you have build with the others. 

It works.  The pirates leave the ship and you are relieved, thinking all is well.  However, they have set charges around the ship and after they have sailed some distance away, there are booms that leave holes in the ship.  You know you are going to sink.

Build something to save you when the ship sinks. 

Explain your creation to the others. 

You have finished your creation and are hoping it will work as you imagine.  You have a bit of time before the ship will sink.  Being a sharp kid, you decide you should probably take some supplies with you.

Build the supplies you will take with you and put them on your creation. 

Explain what you have added and why to the others.

Just in time you have gathered everything that you need.  Down goes the ship.

Destroy the ship and return the pieces to the stash.

Wow, thank goodness your creation worked.  You are floating safely on your creation and have supplies to last you until you can get to land.

You have not been drifting long when you spot land ahead.  You paddle towards the island.  You arrive at the Island.  Give everyone (or every team) an island (large base piece).  As you arrive at the island you are hoping and praying that it is not inhabited by cannibals.   When you land, you look around.  The island is deserted except for you and your friend.

You realize you are trapped on the island for a while.  Build a shelter. 


The adventure continues . . .


Have participants (one at a time) draw the remaining pieces of the adventure from a jar.   Do the builds as they are drawn.   After each build ask participants to explain what they have done.  

A volcano is going to erupt.  Find a way to save yourself.

You’re really, REALLY bored.  Build something to entertain yourself.

You are running out of the easy food sources.  Build something so you don’t starve.

You’re expecting company, other survivors from the shipwreck.  Build a place for them to stay.

Gathering food has become quite a chore.  Build a robot to gather food and wood for you.

The night is cold.  Build something to keep you warm.

A hurricane is coming.  Build a stronger shelter with a roof.

You are tired of walking everywhere.  Build a vehicle.

A rescue plane is coming.  Build something to signal them.

You’re thirsty.  Build a source for clean, fresh water.

You have no power.  Build something to generate power.

You discover there are wild animals on the island.  Build something to cage them.

There is a thief on your island.  Build something to catch them.

A creature crawls out of the sea, onto the island.  Build the creature.

Weird plants begin to sprout all over the island.  Build the weird plants.


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