ABC Learning Cookies

The 5-year-old received this set of alphabet cookies for Christmas.  She and the 3-year-old have spent hours and hours playing with them.  There are several different games, and they have made up a few more of their own.  She has used them to play school with little sister and play she is the teacher, helping little sister learn her letters.

They double as cookies for the play kitchen and everyone in the family has had the pleasure of eating their words on a number of occasions😊.  It is a bonus if your cookies make more than one word.

I love watching the grand-kids learn new things.  The are so excited to learn new things and share what they learn with anyone that will listen.  The 5-year-old is especially anxious to read.  She likes to read several books a day.  She also likes to have an extra reading lesson when ever she can talk anyone in to giving her that extra lesson. Then she uses the cookies to spell out the new words she has learned.

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