Chemistry books for fun

Who knew that you could find books that combined chemistry, adventure, and were fun to read.  This set of three books is definitely worth the read. Simon Mayo makes science, chemistry specifically, interesting as he weaves the facts into these adventurous stories.

Itch loves the periodic table and collects the elements. He is the most fun science geek ever.

In ITCH he collects a surprising element that starts he and his sister and cousin on a wild adventure. He tangles with the not so nice Dr. Flowerdew who wants to steal Itch’s element.

In ITCH ROCKS the adventure continues with nefarious parties attempting to capture Itch’s surprising element.  Itch’s nemesis, Flowerdew rears his mean head again, but he will not win the day.

Then in ITCH CRAFT Simon May continues the adventure with the three of them being joined by Itch’s girl friend Lucy.  The adventure continues with Flowerdew and the ladies of Greencorps continuing to create danger and adventure for the four kiddos.

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