Modding is a school subject?

When the subject of modding came up I was like, “what are you talking about.  You can’t take a class in modding.  It isn’t even a real school subject.  So, time for homeschooling grandma to learn a thing or two.

Modding is a modification or add-on in a computer game.  It is a popular way for kiddos to learn about computer programming.  It can do several things such as; enhance graphics, fix bugs, improve game play, or increase adventure and excitement in a game.

So, now, here we are and Summer has completely slipped by me at the speed of greased lightening.  So, I am hurriedly getting things together, organizing what we have, and ordering what we still need.

I sat down with our big guy, who is going to do the Minecraft Moding class, to explore the possibilities and after hours of looking at online courses and books he has settled on two Udemy classes to start with.


Then he selected the following books to support his development activities.

And then these games and puzzles to keep with the Minecraft theme, to exercise his mind, and to take a break from the coding aspect of the class.  Two are puzzle books, one is a STEM activity game, one is a card game, and one is a board game.


Finally, he selected these books, not only because he really likes to draw, but because he feels like drawing things helps him to visualize what he needs to do when programming.

His choices are well rounded and will help him see the big picture as he works to learn more about coding through modding in Minecraft.  He will also be doing activities to work on skill sets that help his brain think like a programmer.  He is an amazing kid and I can’t wait to watch him increase his coding skills this year as he learns through Minecraft.

Click on the pictures to link to the sites where you can purchase these fun products for your kiddos.

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