Making Geometry Engaging

Geometry can be lots of fun, or not.  A lot depends on the teacher, the curriculum and how the subject is approached. But first, why study geometry? What does it do for a child and their developing brain?

One of our kiddos selected Geometry for her math topic this year.  So in preparation we explored text books, resources, and materials that would pique her interest and help her learn the valuable concepts that geometry can teach.

  • Geometry can help students think outside of the box.  We selected our text based on the fact that the our kiddo felt that the Lego aspect would help her think outside of the box.
  • Learning geometry supports the development of Logical thinking.
  • Important for her was that Geometry helps with 3-D visualization and creativity.  She is a skilled artistic and after reading the benefits of learning geometry, she is anticipating that it will help her make her sketches more realistic and more her make the shapes and sizes more proportional.
  • She feels that adding the Lego visuals will be beneficial in helping her build her imagination to see things from different angles and in different ways.
  • Grandma and mom were excited about Geometry when they read that geometry helps with brain development by helping the right and left side of the brain work in synchronicity better.  What a bonus, to combine the left brain logic and techno thinking with the right brain creativity into a more coordinated whole.

So here are her selections for texts: Advanced Measurement and Geometry:Using Lego Bricks by  Shirley Disseler caught her eye and she was sure she had found the text that would open  a plethora of possibilities in learning Geometry.


I have learned over the years that the kiddos truly learn more from books, puzzlers, games, activities, and challenges that they select.  So here are the games and puzzles that our Geometry picking Miss picked for this year.

She liked the teal tool set, though Grandma is not sure if it is because she likes the tools, or because it is teal.  Teal is definitely her favorite color.  The set also came in pink.  There were other sets in silver, black, and blue.

She liked the block puzzle, because  she could do 3D shapes and the octagon puzzle board because it seemed to her it would be more challenging than the traditional shapes.  She did however, select a book of tangram puzzles using the traditional shapes.  The Origami book using multiple shapes and putting them together to make beautiful shapes fits with one of the reasons she wanted to study geometry in the first place.  She feels that it will spark her creativity and help her think out of the box.



I am looking forward to watching her learn, create, think things thorough and follow her dreams.

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