Is chemistry important in our home school?

Science was never my favorite subject in school.  Admittedly, I am more of an artsy kind of person.  It wasn’t until I was older that I started to see the value of science and the need to have an understanding of science.  I have very much enjoyed learning science with the kids.  Exploring our world and what it is made of.  I have enjoyed the science experiments, the fun activities, the papers they write, their perspectives, and been pleasantly surprised by the topics that pique their interest.

This year we are studying chemistry.  There are two short articles on the web that piqued my interest about why to study chemistry.  Click on the titles to link to them.

The Importance of teaching Kids Chemistry
Yes, students should take chemistry. Here’s why 

This article, ‘Printable Chemistry Worksheets was a treasure trove of handouts and printables for Chemistry.  The worksheets are not really for younger learners, but some would work great for older elementary age kiddos through high school.

Later today I will post what we are using to make Chemistry rock for us this year.

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