And this year is CHEMISTRY

We decided that Chemistry was our starting science unit for this year.  We started with the text Beginning Chemistry and the Scientific Method by The Good and the Beautiful. We like the structure of their science units.  I do however, turn each chapter into several lessons and add quite additional information, activities, and assignments. Check out the book by clicking on the image.

In addition, check out our book section. We are going to add reading the ITCH series as we go along.  These are great adventure stories about a geeky, young, chemistry loving kiddo.

The kids are pretty excited to study chemistry because . . . well, the Chemistry of kaboom, fizz, candy, and fun hygiene stuff.



These kits and experiments are really going to be fun and catch the kiddos attention. In fact, our oldest was not sure he wanted to study chemistry.  “It will be so boring,” he says.  Then he did some goggling and came back to say he thought it would be great, especially the chemistry of Kaboom and Fizz.

Then we looked at educational materials.

Then we looked at the tools we could use to help us with learning chemistry.  There were so many really good tools available.  We choose the following items to help a everyone from our youngest to our oldest.  We started with a periodic table that showed the elements.


Then the Big Bag of Science so we will have all the beakers, measuring devices, and gizmos we will need to conduct all the experiments from the text book.

These three excellent books will be helpful in supporting the kiddos in visualizing the concepts.  They have coloring pages, images of the elements, and how they existed in everyday life that together were a well-rounded for all the different ages of our learners.  We think they pretty much cover the full spectrum for paperwork activities they will need.


Then we added this book for our little peeps who need a little simpler explanations of things.  This will help them put things in the real-world context.

Then we remember that Homeschooling Grandma is helping with the experiments, so the kiddos thought it would be wise to add protective gear.  These will work well for young and older alike.


For a bonus, they come in several colors so the kids are arguing over which belongs to who.

Last, but definitely not least, games and books that add that zing to a subject that only games and books can add.


I think we are set for Chemistry now.  When I get the total break down for what we are doing each week, including the chapter sections, the activities, and the assignments I will post a downloadable document that you can use if you choose.

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